The Shire of Amlethsmor

Archer Marshal of the Shire of Amlethsmor


The Archer Marshal of the Shire of Amlethsmor is in charge seeing that all period archery within the shire is done safely as well as in charge of training new archers. As such it is up to the Archer Marshal to make sure all of the equipment used is up to SCA regulations and safe to use. The SCA and the Kingdom of Calontir have rules on what equipment can and cannot be used. You can reach the Archer Marshal at ArcherMarshal at

Archer Marshal links

Calontir Archery Website

Archers of Amlethsmor

  • Lord Kylan gyldir, Boga Fyrd
  • HL Esteban de Valencia, Boga-Fyrd
  • Lady Svena Ulfsdottir
  • HL Leopold Heinrich Rovekar
  • Lord Urik Wyth
  • Godin Vedrson
  • Asta Kylansdottir

Roll of Archer Marshals of Amlethsmor

  • Lady Svena Ulfsdottir - November 2012 to March 2015
  • Thomas Kerlie - October 2010 to November 2012
  • Lord Killian Spangler - October 2006 to October 2010
  • Lady Tanwen verch Gruffydd - February 2005 to October 2006

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